Alltana Technology

Content security and asset-tracking has become more important than ever in our digitally-connected world.

The Alltana Platform enhances the current capabilities of today’s file sharing and collaboration solutions by offering Asset Protection, Authentication, Revocation and Tracking of your critical assets.

File write

Seamless workflow

The Alltana technology encrypts every file that is being written to the Alltana Vault to be registered with the platform simultaneously during the file write process. Alltana works ubiquitously across all types of file storage options, and allows this process to also be directly integrated with strategic File Sharing & Collaboration partners.

Deep API integration with industry leading file sharing and collaboration solutions.

Highly-redundant platform delivering 99.99% of uptime.

Storage and network agnostic.

Alltana’s client requires the sender and recipient to authenticate with a file sharing and collaboration solution.

Asset Protection

Files are encrypted with unique keys using AES-GSM algorithm with 256 cypher.

Communication between the server and client is secured by SSL/TLS.

Alltana’s client provides on-the-fly encryption and decryption of assets.

Utilizes an encryption key based delivery system.


Enables controlled authorization of file access at any time.

Access rights can be tied to user or device specifically.

Revocation can occur for user, organization, time-based availability or location.

Restrict certain applications or processes for certain files.


The Alltana platform allows for the real-time tracking of your critical assets.

Files are tracked by encrypted and source-level hashing to track changes.

Assets can be tracked between organizations by utilizing distributed ledger technology.

Data is accessible via Alltana’s proprietary analytics engine or can be exported into Splunk supported end-points.

For more information download the Alltana Whitepaper.