Alltana Platform

The Alltana Platform consists of 3 major components:

Alltana SaaS

Alltana client

Alltana gateway

These components work together to seamlessly integrate with your File Sharing and Collaboration tools (ie. IBM Aspera, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive) to secure all of the content and files that are transferred or shared inside or outside of the Enterprise.

Your files travel. Control them anywhere.

Alltana SaaS

The Administration Portal allows administrators to set access control policies. The Portal also allows administrators to manage and report on individual users, groups, and machines.

The Platform Services allows for the secure and encrypted exchange of data and key management, assigning unique keys to every file that is shared or transferred inside or outside the organization.

Control the number of times a file can be opened by a user or an organization.

Ability to blacklist the user or the computer with a single revocation action.

View and report on all digital assets that have been secured and shared across your ecosystem.

Change the permissions of the package or individual files – time window, application access, etc.

Alltana client

The Allana client is installed on the user’s machine. This allows for the seamless encryption of all data that is moved. The simplicity of the client is that it renders the chosen file transfer application that has been configured for the Organization. The client install includes the Alltana Secure Mount, a file system extension, which is only present when the user is authenticated into Alltana.

Easy to install and configure for all users.

Encryption and key assignment on-the-fly.

Alltana Secure Mount contains all sensitive data.

No change in the users normal workflow

Alltana gateway

The Alltana gateway enables enforcement of an Organization's network and security policy. The Alltana gateway can sit in any network zones and allows for the client to access the Alltana SaaS for secure networks. It can be deployed in a multi-tenant solution.

Easily configurable to Enterprise Network rules.

Alltana gateway helps enterprises enforce internet compliance.

Risk reduction through internet access control.

Deploy in any zone or network.

See how Alltana can work for you.